Fasteners Supporting the Petrochemical Industry

Fasteners Supporting the Petrochemical Industry

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From pipelines to storage tanks, Fasteners serve as critical components of the petrochemical industry. Petrochemical fasteners must be of the highest strength corrosion resistant to support all critical applications. They must also excel in harsh weather and high temperature conditions to support the integrity of the functional petrochemical system. Kenneth G. Lilly Fasteners specializes in these petrochemical fasteners and serve some of the largest valve manufacturers in the World.

ASTM A193 Grade Fasteners

In the petrochemical industry, ASTM A193 B7 Threaded Rod and Studs and ASTM A194 2H Nuts are commonly used due to their excellent mechanical integrity as well as resistance to high temperatures and high pressure. They are often used in valve and flange connections to support very high tensile loads. Not only does it support these high tensile requirements, but ASTM A193 B7 is also used in very high temperature applications.

At Kenneth G. Lilly Fasteners, we customize all lengths of ASTM A193 B7 and equivalent material.

Custom Studs

For years Kenneth G. Lilly Fasteners has served as an industry leading in custom high pressure boundary vessel fasteners. Custom fastener length, plating, and coatings are often necessary as access to and clearance may be an issue. When designing a valve or flange, being able to choose exact fastener lengths to perfectly match your application is valuable, if not critical


While it is not common to apply a standard zinc plating to ASTM A193 B7 due to its lower melting point in high temperature environments, PTFE or Xylan coatings are often used for corrosion and chemical resistance. This coating provides the fastener with a nice resistance to a corrosive environment, while maintaining mechanical integrity. Lilly Fasteners sources and supplies custom coating for your harshest environments.


Fasteners that support the petrochemical industry are critical components. They ensure safety, integrity, and reliability of complex high pressure and temperature boundary systems. Kenneth G Lilly fasteners have experts that have been working within the petrochemical and valve industries for years that can meet even your most strict standards.

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