Common Fastener Mistakes

Common Fastener Mistakes

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Fasteners are hardware components used to temporarily link two or more items together. They are very common in nearly all industries ranging from marine and shipboard, to petroleum and energy production.

As common are they are, there is often confusion on what fastener should be used based on the needed application. Knowing the application and needed mechanical strength is critical when selecting the appropriate fastener. Selecting the appropriate fastener and knowing the correct installation requirement is critical.

  • Choosing the incorrect grade or material

    Not knowing what fastener is most appropriate for your application is a common mistake. For instance, grade, material, finish, and mechanical strength are all necessary variables to understand to choose the perfect fastener. Understanding application and the necessary critical variables will help choose the correct fastener every time. Some things to take into consideration when choosing fasteners.

    • - The grade and mechanical specifications are sufficient.
    • - The material fits your application.
    • - The fastener is not reactive with potentially hard surrounding environments.
    • - The fastener can withstand potential exposure to heat or cold.
  • Improper installation

    Installation is also a common area of mistakes, especially when it comes to stainless steel and softer metals. Using a torque gun on softer material can create galling, or cold welding, between the fasteners. Potential over-torquing can also introduce micro stress fractures that may affect the quality and integrity of the fastener.

    While this may lead the customer to believe that the fastener is defective, installation was the true culprit. The use of lubricants can also negate this but be sure that the lubricant used doesn’t affect the fasteners surface finish.

Kenneth G. Lilly Fasteners provides not only the highest quality fasteners but has also served as subject matter experts in the industry for years. We work with you to help understand your needs, and can help with avoiding common mistakes seen in the industry.

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