Fasteners in Construction Industry

Fasteners in Construction Industry

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Fasteners are an essential component in the construction industry. They are used to join two different components together, sometimes very heavy machinery, so knowing the proper fastener to use is necessary for safety and integrity of the project. The construction industry uses a wide variety of fasteners from corrosive resistant screws to structural bolts for heavy machinery.

Common Types of Fasteners in Construction


Screws are likely the most common fastener used in the construction industry. They are very versatile for joining two materials together, and the wide variety of points, thread, material, and coatings make then popular for all applications.

  • Wood Screws: The coarse threads and tapered heads of wood screws make them ideal for use on hardwood surfaces.
  • Deck Screws: They feature self-tapping heads and are corrosive resistant; they mimic wood screws in appearance.
  • Sheet Metal Screws: Over a variety of drill points to cover a variety of applications. Used to fasten two pieces of metal.
  • Tek Screws: Self Drilling screws that do not require a pilot hole when fastening.

Bolts, Nuts, and Washers

Bolts are also incredibly common in the construction industry. The variety of diameter, thread, material, strength, and finish cover every application. From low grade, Grade 2 (A307A), to structural grade ASTM A325, knowing the correct fastener for your application is critical.

Grade and material Min. Yield Strength(PSI) Min. Tensile Strength(PSI)
A307A NA 60,000
Grade 2 57,000 (1/4"-3/4 DIA.)
36,000 (3/4" DIA.+)
74,000 (1/4"-3/4 DIA.)
60,000 (3/4" DIA.+)
Grade 5 92,000 (1/4"-3/4 DIA.)
81,000 (3/4" DIA.+)
120,000 (1/4"-3/4 DIA.)
105,000 (3/4" DIA.+)
Grade 8 130,000 150,000
ASTM A325 92,000 120,000

Finish and Coating

Finish is also necessary when choosing your fastener. Alloy steel, Zinc Plated, Hot Dipped Galvanized, and Stainless steel are the most common platings and coatings. Depending on your application, it may be necessary to choose a fastener with corrosion resistance to ensure the integrity of the application.

Additional Fasteners


Anchors are used to attach materials to concrete, brick, or other masonry materials. They are available in a range of sizes and styles, including wedge anchors, sleeve anchors, and concrete anchors.


Nails are used to join wood together and are available in a variety of sizes and lengths. They lack threading but come in a variety of materials for your application.


Rivets are used to join two metal pieces together and are typically used in aircraft and other applications where a strong, permanent joint is required. As a permanent fastening, rivets are used in many different forms of construction.


The construction industry is certainly one of the most common industries for fastener use. To ensure that even your most critical jobs and applications are safe, it is necessary to choose the correct fastener with strength, cycle of life, and finish in mind. Kenneth G. Lilly Fasteners sells a variety of fasteners for use in the construction industry. With our years of industry expertise and trust, contact us for a quote.

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