Kenneth G. Lilly has been a specialist in the creation of customized fasteners for more than 60 years. Founded in 1964, our company prides itself on being one of the best providers of high-quality fasteners. We specialize in supplying our clients with cutting and custom threading which can ensure that the needs of our customers are successfully met. We have technical expertise in dealing with ASTM applications; this is a specific niche that we have carved over the years as a custom fastener manufacturer.

We are always well-stocked with ASTM materials which keeps us prepared for unseen emergencies regarding a part or order. Doing so decreases our turnaround for a replacement to over a few hours as compared to our competitors who would take days or weeks to do the same.

Our quick response facility for our clients has helped us build a superior reputation today. Hence, as customers, you must always know that you will receive the best service and products from us and nothing less. Having been with the company for many years we understand the importance of our vendor relationships.

We want to drive growth in the customization portion of the market. We are looking to convey polish, precision, attention to detail, subject matter expertise, and approachability.