What Types Of Fasteners Are Used In The Automotive Industry?

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To excel in the automotive manufacturing industry, engineers and managers must gain enough knowledge about the types of automotive fasteners required for motor vehicles to function properly. However, this knowledge about vehicle fasteners is scarce.

There has been a growing demand for excellence in the automotive industry, and the need to know more about the functions of fasteners cannot be overlooked. Wrong or loose-fitted automobile fasteners can cause problems or even accidents.

To prevent all this, KG Lilly brings you this basic guide that enlists the right fastener types that are applied in the automotive industry along with their purpose and function. Let us take a look at what these fasteners are.

What are automotive Fasteners Applications?

Automotive fasteners are applied in the following areas of a vehicle in the automotive industry. They are-

  • Chassis

  • Transmission

  • Engine

  • Interior Rim

  • Steering

  • The front and rear axles

The nuts and bolts for cars can either be removable, permanent, or semi-permanent in nature. Other than that automobile fasteners can also be threaded or non-threaded as per their requirement in the areas mentioned above.

Which Fasteners are used in the automotive industry?

Nuts, screws, bushings, couplings, fittings, and spines are all instances of automotive fasteners. These fasteners are most commonly used for locking and spinning purposes.  The materials that are used to create these car nuts and bolts are stainless steel, plastic, iron, nickel, bronze, aluminum, and/or bronze. Let us take a look at some of the most commonly used fasteners in the automotive industry.

  • Depending on the requirement of the automotive industry, many types of plastic fasteners are used as car fasteners. Plastic fasteners are prepared by injecting vinyl into a mold to get the required shape. Since vehicles are exposed to varying weather conditions, the fasteners used have to be resistant to corrosion. This is where plastic fasteners work their magic.
  • Stainless steel is another viable option for automotive screws and fasteners. Steel fasteners are mostly used on an automotive’s door panels, airbag housings, or for fastening small engine parts of a vehicle. Stainless steel is greatly valued for its strength and resistance to corrosion.
  • At present, titanium has also been widely used in the automobile manufacturing industry. Titanium can maintain good mechanical properties even at temperatures of about 500°C. Other than that the alloy has good welding and forming properties. Titanium fasteners are applied in areas that require a high strength-to-weight ratio. Other than that the metal has excellent resistance to corrosion, in the process also preventing cracking and fatigue.
  • Hex head fasteners are one of the most renowned types of automotive bolts. These automobile bolts get their name from their hexagonal-shaped head, which can be secured using a spanner or socket. Hex-head screw is a machine screw that has a preformed machine thread. These automotive bolts are available in materials like galvanized steel, stainless steel, zinc-plated steel, organic coated steel, bronze, nylon, or bimetals.


Every fastener that is used for automotive is planned to fulfill an exact requirement. This is why it is essential to choose the right type of auto fastener to be used in the manufacturing process. Fasteners are built to hold together a vehicle frame, internally and externally. Saying this, it cannot be more stressed how important it is to choose reliable automotive nuts and bolts from the right automotive fastener manufacturers to use them correctly for different types of fastening purposes.


KG Lilly is one of the leading automotive bolts and nuts suppliers. The company offers industries a wide inventory of fasteners. All fasteners at KG Lilly are of the highest quality. KG Lilly is home to thought leaders when it comes to being automotive fastener suppliers owing to the experience and knowledge gained over the years of work. KG Lilly ensures to assess and understand the specific needs in the automotive industry so that the fasteners like automotive bolts and nuts are suitable for the proper functions of a vehicle. Thus, in the process ensuring that all vehicle parts are properly fastened, safe and secure.

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